We just launched our first crowdfunding campaign, in order to support the restoration project of a small double bass from the eighteenth century, a rare instrument that needs some repairs in order to resound again. You can help us reaching the goal on the Kickstarter platform at this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/154005492/the-bassetto-manfredo-reloaded

The Bassetto Manfredo (as we called it) belongs to the Comune di Faenza, in Italy, and was part of the Museo del Teatro. It was probably used in the local theatre and possibly also in the music chapel in the Duomo of the town. It is the work of an unknown local luthier, and is a rare instrument because it has not been modified in its structure. Read more about it on the kickstarter page, and support us! We are really looking forward to use it in our next projects!