We just received the first copies of our last recording, the Stabat Mater G 532 by Luigi Boccherini, in the 1781 version for soprano and string quintet (with two cellos). The soprano Francesca Boncompagni provides an enchanting interpretation of this intense sacred work.

The recording is based on the new critical edition prepared by Luca Levi Sala for the Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini, and was published by UtOrpheus in 2015. We are the first ensemble to perform and record this music from this new edition, which provides new interesting points of view, especially for the treatment of the bass lines.

To complete the album, the String Quartet Op. 41 n. 1  G 214, in c minor: this work is tightly related to the Stabat Mater, as some of the melodies of the sacred work has been used for the Flebile and the Trio of this string quartet.

The album is now available on our website and you are more than welcome to order your copy right now! Check the Shop section.